Introducing Season 6 of IRL: AI in Real Life

Season 6: Trailer

Meet IRL’s new host, Bridget Todd, who is on a journey to meet people around the world who are making AI more trustworthy, in real life. AI is everywhere now. It’s part of healthcare, social media, maps, and even killer robots. But who has power over AI? And who is shifting that power? Join IRL’s new host, Bridget Todd, as she talks to technology builders and policy folks from around the world who are developing more trustworthy AI that puts people over profits.

IRL is an original podcast from the non-profit Mozilla. To read more about Season 6, visit our blog.

Published: July 5, 2022


Bridget Todd: Thanks to the internet, artificial intelligence is everywhere now. Algorithms are making more of the decisions that shape our lives. So let me ask you a question: who should have the power over AI?

I’m Bridget Todd, the new host of IRL. Yes, Mozilla’s award-winning podcast is back.

I’m taking a quick break from my own podcast, “There are No Girls on the Internet”, to be your host this season. We’ll be talking about healthcare. Gig work, social media and even killer robots. You’ll meet AI builders around the world, who make AI more trustworthy: in real life.

Aida Ponce Del Castillo: You will be able to challenge the algorithm.

Eduardo Meneses: Technology can solve some problems, but definitely technology can be part of the problem.

Laura Nolan: I have the power to walk away from it and not contribute to it. And I have the power to try and change law.

Bridget Todd: This season, we’re tapping into Mozilla’s internet health report to learn who should have power over AI.

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