AI from Above

Season 6: Episode 3

From above the clouds, our world is surveilled and datafied. Power over that data means power over what stories get told about people and places: whose needs are counted, whose needs are erased. How can people reclaim power over their own maps and stories using AI?

Published: August 15, 2022

Show Notes

Raesetje Sefala is mapping the legacy of spatial apartheid in South Africa as a research fellow with the Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR) founded by Timnit Gebru.

Astha Kapoor researches how communities and organizations can be ‘stewards’ of data about people and places as co-founder of the Aapti Institute in India.

Michael Running Wolf is the founder of Indigenous in AI working on speech recognition and immersive spatial experiences with augmented and virtual reality in Canada.

Denise McKensie is a location data expert who works with the global mapping organization PLACE to empower governments and communities to use advanced spatial data.

IRL is an original podcast from Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox. In Season 6, host Bridget Todd shares stories of people who make AI more trustworthy in real life. This season doubles as Mozilla’s 2022 Internet Health Report. Go to the report for show notes, transcripts, and more.


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