We're Back! IRL Season 7: People Over Profit

Season 7: Trailer

This season, Bridget Todd meets people who are balancing the upsides of AI with the downsides coming into view worldwide.
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The first of five biweekly episodes launches on October 10!

Published: September 26, 2023


Bridget Todd: When it comes to artificial intelligence, AI, what’s good for trillion-dollar companies isn’t necessarily good for people. Can the risks and rewards be balanced? I’m Bridget Todd, host of IRL, Mozilla’s multi award-winning podcast.

This season, putting people over profit in AI. We go around the world to meet people building responsible alternatives to the tech that’s changing how we work, communicate, and even listen to music. We talk to trailblazers who are creating language tools for their own communities.

Keoni Mahelona: I think where we’re at now is we know we can do better than them, despite only having a handful of people in our team, not much money.

Bridget Todd: We dive into data sets for generative AI and ask, is bigger always better?

Abeba Birhane: It holds everything from the world’s beauty to its ugliness and everything in between.

Bridget Todd: We hear from startups that empower people working behind the scenes on machine learning systems.

Safiya Husain: Our active, I think, mission every year and every month is to figure out how we can bring our costs down even more so that we can give people even more money.

Bridget Todd: This season, we get real about AI that lowers the human cost. Go find IRL on your favorite podcast app right now.

IRL: Online Life is Real Life is an original podcast for Mozilla, the nonprofit behind Firefox. Mozilla — Reclaim the internet.